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As an ecommerce online store owner, you might want to add navigation to your website. You can add menu items and your customers can easily navigate to your web pages/items.

In this article I will show you how to add menus in your shopify store.

Step 1: Navigation

Login to your Shopify admin account, find Online Store on the left side of your page and click on it. You will see options pop up right under the Online Store line, click on Navigation to choose it.

shopify store links

Step 2: Select menu


After selecting Navigation, you will reach to the Navigation page. Under the Menu section, here you will see a list of menu items. Click on the item of the menu that you want to edit.

shopify navigation

Step 3: Add menu item


Here you will see the Menu items section in which has a button called Add menu item. select option to enter the next step.

shopify menu

Step 4: Input Name


You can see Add menu item box pops up, input the title for the menu item in the Name field. Choose your menu’s name properly because it will show up in the menu.

Shopify store
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Step 5: Select Link


Once you’re done with naming your menu item, click on the Link field to select the link type for your menu item. There are choices such as Home which links to your store’s home page, Products etc. 

If case you want to create an email link, only the mailto:youremail@yourdomain.com format will be accepted.

shopify menu items

Step 6: choosing Links


Select a specific page if you want to select a link type. Selecting Home means your online store’s home page is automatically set to be the destination.

shopify store links

Step 7: You’re Done


To choose the name and link to your menu item, click on Add and close the Add menu item box. Click on Save to complete it this step. You can find the button both in your upper right and your bottom right.

shopify menu modification