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WordPress comment disable without coding

Written by Ajit Panday

Now the Answer in yes you can allow or disable comments in WordPress from Dashboard without coding .

Comments Help a WordPress blog many ways like

  1. They provied a platform to interact with website visitor .
  2. When a Vistior Comment on your post it increase engagement and give a littele help to your SEO work .

If comments help website in ranking and user interaction then why do people need disable comments in WordPress site?

People disable comments in WordPress because of below reasons      

  1. But Everyone who run a  WordPress Blog website at a point of time want to know “ how disable comments in WordPress “ because  of spammed comments .
  2. Now days developer use WordPress for small business website. Mostly Small business website have statics pages like about us, services , contact, etc. And do not need a blog section . In these website comment feature is completely unnecessary.

First, let’s look at how WordPress comments disable on all page.

First Method : Disabling comments in all pages

Step 1: Login to WordPress admin dashboard, navigate to the:  Pages > All Pages.

Step 2:  Like in the below picture, Click the title checkbox on top of the column. Now you have selected all your pages.

Step 3: After click title checkbox , Just above you can see dropdown list with three options  Bulk Action , Edit  and Move to Trash . Select option “Edit” and click on the “Apply” button.

Step 4: This is last step and now you can see a list of dropdown options on the right with all your selected pages .

Select the “Comments” dropdown list and chose the “Do not allow” option (Like in the below picture). Now click on the “Update” button at the left bottom corner of the Bulk Edit block.

Now your WordPress website pages won’t display any comments or comment form anymore.

Second Method : Disabling comments on single page WordPress

It is simpler If you only need to disable comment in WordPress on one page

Step 1: Login to WordPress admin dashboard, navigate to the:  Pages > All Pages.

Step 2: Like in the below picture, navigate curser over page title and you will find option Edit | Quick Edit | Trash | View

Step 3: Click on the Quick Edit link. 

Step 4: Now you have option like Title, the url slug, etc. Go to right side and Uncheck the “ Allow Comments” checkbox (Like in the below picture)  to disable comments for this page.


Every Website have different purpose. sometimes you want comments on your website and sometimes you not. If comments are necessary and you want to stop spammers you can read “What are Spam Protection Techniques “or “How Delete All WordPress Comments 

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